About Us

An informative and well prepared "About Us" page works like a magic to establish trust in your customer's mind. Its a great way to convince your customers to say that they are buying a great product from your store. The more information you put about your business, the more assured the customer will be when buying from your store. You would like to put the following things in your "About Us" page:
1. Who you are
2. What types of products you sell.
3. Where your customers can find you.(Your location, your business phone etc.)
4. Who are the people in your team.
5. How your brand is different from others in the current market.
6. Whats special about your product/service.
7. Social links(Facebook, Twitter)
8. If any media publication, then include them too.
To make a beautiful "About Us" page, go to the pages section of your "Storrea Admin Panel"